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Fighting infection requires adequate NAD+. Replenishing NAD can help fight sepsis.


Here are the studies:

Jan 13, 2023

Sepsis - Reproduction

Eurasian Journal of Medicine

Nicotinamide Riboside Preserves Ovarian Injury in Experimental Sepsis Model in Rats

Selli, Jale

Stem Cells

Our findings indicated that nicotinamide riboside diminished ovarian injury in sepsis via inhibition of tissue infiltration and incresing of endogenous antioxidant capacity. Nicotinamide Riboside administration may represent a new treatment approach for the prevention of sepsis induced ovarian injury.

Mar 8, 2021


FEBS Journal

Nicotinamide pathways as the root cause of sepsis – an evolutionary perspective on macrophage energetic shifts

Suchard, Melinda

Stem Cells

We propose that sepsis due to SARS-CoV-2 or other viral or bacterial infections is caused by pathogens interfering with host NAD metabolism...We hypothesize that mitochondrial response to double-stranded RNA precipitates an acute cellular NAD insufficiency...The intersection of mitochondrial, cytoplasmic, nuclear and extracellular NAD pools is critical for key cellular functions including DNA repair (via PARP enzymes), autophagy (via sirtuins) and activation or suppression of surrounding lymphocytes (via CD38)...If the primary pathology is competition for depleted NAD+ stores, the most rational intervention would be to increase NAD+ supply. The leading candidate for investigation for treatment of sepsis, including COVID-19, should therefore be nicotinamide (Vitamin B3) and related compounds...In summary, we advocate adjusting our understanding of pathogenesis of infectious illness away from a microbe-oriented view, such that the microbe is seen as ‘causing’ the disease, towards a host NAD–metabolism-oriented view, where the microbe is seen as triggering an evolutionarily conserved response that shifts NAD metabolism....In conclusion, we strongly suggest that vitamin B3 be investigated as a therapy for sepsis, including that caused by COVID-19, ideally as a single agent at high dose rather than within a multivitamin, which will not allow accumulation of efficacy data. If nicotinamide is found to be ineffective, related compounds including isoniazid, niacin, nicotinamide riboside and nicotinamide mononucleotide are alternate prospects that impact NAD pathways at different entry points of the NAD cycle and warrant further investigation.

Aug 1, 2018


Free Radical Biology and Medicine

Administration of nicotinamide riboside prevents oxidative stress and organ injury in sepsis

Hong, Guangliang

Stem Cells

Administration of NR elevated the NAD+ levels, and elicited a reduction of oxidative stress, inflammation and caspase-3 activity in lung and heart tissues, which correlated with attenuation of pulmonary microvascular permeability and myocardial dysfunction, leading to less mortality in sepsis models...NR may be a useful agent to prevent organ injury in sepsis.

NAD Research - Sepsis

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