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NAD metabolism modulates inflammation and mitochondria function in diabetic kidney disease

Journal of Biological Chemistry

August 1, 2023

Myakala, Komuraiah


Diabetes mellitus is the leading cause of cardiovascular and renal disease in the United States...We found that treatment of db/db mice with type 2 diabetes with nicotinamide riboside (NR) prevented several manifestations of kidney dysfunction (i.e., albuminuria, increased urinary kidney injury marker-1 (KIM1) excretion, and pathologic changes). These effects were associated with decreased inflammation, at least in part via inhibiting the activation of the cyclic GMP-AMP synthase-stimulator of interferon genes (cGAS-STING) signaling pathway...Overall, these data show that NR supplementation boosted NAD metabolism to augment mitochondrial function, reducing inflammation and thereby preventing the progression of diabetic kidney disease.

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