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A Combination of Nicotinamide and D-Ribose (RiaGev) Is Safe and Effective to Increase NAD+ Metabolome in Healthy Middle-Aged Adults: A Randomized, Triple-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Cross-Over Pilot Clinical Trial


May 22, 2022

Xue, Yongquan


...This randomized, triple-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover pilot study assessed the efficacy and safety of a combination of nicotinamide with D-ribose (RiaGev) for NAD metabolome enhancement and related benefits in healthy middle-aged adults. Supplementing with 1520 mg RiaGev twice daily for 7 days significantly increased the NAD+ metabolome in blood, especially NADP+ by 27% compared to the placebo group (p = 0.033) and over the baseline (p = 0.007). Increases in glutathione and high energy phosphates were also observed in the blood. Seven-day supplementation with RiaGev significantly (p = 0.013) reduced overall blood glucose without significant changes in insulin secretion (p = 0.796), suggesting an improved insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance. The waking salivary cortisol of the subjects steadily and significantly decreased (p = 0.026) in the RiaGev group in contrast to the placebo....RiaGev appears to be safe and efficacious in increasing NAD+ metabolome in healthy middle-aged adults, as shown by this study.

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