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Which is Better - NR or NMN?

NR and NMN can both boost NAD levels in most tissues. But how they do that, and the cost to get the effect, makes NR the choice easy: less turns out to be more...

Which is better - NMN or NR?

NMN mostly works as a reliable way of delivering NR and/or NAM to your cells.

The problems with NMN as an NAD precursor, then, are that (1) it costs more than NR or NAM, and (2) part of what you are paying for is a bunch of phosphate molecules that are going to be discarded. That means that a gram of NMN delivers less NR to your cells than a gram of NR does. Another way of thinking about that is that NMN contains filler. And the filler is quite a bit by weight, because the molecular weight of NMN -- 334 grams per mole -- is about 30% higher than NR, which is 255 grams per mole.

So does that mean you would be better off just supplementing with NR or NAM than using NMN? Probably, but there are still a couple wrinkles left to consider...

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