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I am a lawyer and a journalist, not a doctor, and I offer no medical advice. But I do follow the science, and I can bring to your attention

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Can NAD Prevent COVID?

Only your immune system can fight a virus, but raising NAD levels can support your immune system's ability to fight back...

Image of Viral Attack

Vaccines are one way to help your immune system, by preparing it for particular types of threats. But there are other ways to provide immune support, and one of them is by ensuring that the immune system has enough energy to do its job.

Many different viruses cause NAD depletion, including flu, Zika, and coronaviruses, including COVID-19. Both animal and human studies suggest that you would want to both have and maintain robust NAD levels when COVID comes calling. Indeed, worse COVID outcomes seem to correlate with conditions of age and metabolic stress that depress NAD levels.

Although anything that boosts NAD levels in tissues that are under viral attack will probably help, the studies suggest that tryptophan and niacin will be less effective, because COVID infection down-regulates the metabolic pathways by which those precursors become NAD.

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